Declaration of bank check

Last update : 07/04/2020

Declaration of bank check transactions via the API to feed the Merchant Portal, merchants’ online consultation tool of their electronic banking activity

➤ Description


Merchants with electronic payment terminals disposing a software to control a bank check reader are able to accept bank checks in their stores. Whenever the merchant accepts (or refuses) a bank check with this check reader in his store, a notification will be sent via the API on the Merchant Portal (for example, bank check transaction accepted). This notification enables the merchant’s data to be fed into the Portal’s database.

We will therefore be able to provide him with a global overview about his electronic banking activity and his bank check transactions. The merchant will have his daily cash flow announcement and he will be able to track his bank check transactions in the Portal.

Available features

  • Declaration of a bank check transaction (accepted by the merchant before or after a guarantee)
  • Cancellation of an accepted bank check transaction (possible on the same day as the acceptance of the initial transaction)

At the beginning, the service will be available to a single selected merchant only. For the moment, we do not intend to generalize the availability of this API to other merchants.

Brand : Natixis