PSD2 Funds Availability (STET v1.4.0)

Last update : 21/08/2020

Check real-time funds on customer's account

Our "Funds availability" PSD2 compliant API provides you with an efficient way to check if a customer has sufficient funds on his bank account for a given transaction amount using your payment instrument. The customer must have granted access to his bank account beforehand.

It covers nearly 10 million customers, both individual and professional of Caisse d'Epargne retail banking network in France and overseas (French departments).

API Available features are as follows  :

  • Check if a transaction amount can be covered on a given customer's account accessible online.

You can use our API only if your are a card based payment instrument issuer service provider (CBPII role) and if you have an agreement delivered by a competent authority as well as valid eIDAS certificates.

Brand : Caisse d'Epargne

Categories : DSP2, CBPII

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