PSD2 XS2A Account information (STET v1.4.0)

Last update : 22/11/2020

Access to payment account information (XS2A)

Our "Account information" PSD2 compliant API provides you with a convenient and a secure way to access our clients authorized retail accounts data without asking for his online credentials. The customer must have granted access to his bank account beforehand.

It covers both individual and small professional customers of Crédit Coopératif retail banking network in France.

API available features are as follows  :

  • Get the list of payment accounts accessible online ;

  • Get the accounting balance ;

  • Get the transactions history ;

  • Forward to ASPSP the list of accounts granted by the customer for accessing to balances and/or transactions.


You can use our API only if your are an Account Information Service Provider (AISP role) and if you have an agreement delivered by a competent authority as well as valid eIDAS certificates.

Brand : Crédit Coopératif

Categories : AISP, DSP2

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Use case: Access to data

This use case describes the basic features for accessing to accounts and data authorized by the customer.

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