Funds Availability (STET standard v1.4.0)

Last update : 03/04/2020

Check in real-time if a given transaction amount can be covered by one given Banque Populaire customer's account

Our "Funds Availability" API (STET standard v1.4) offers a simple way to check if a given amount can be covered by the liquidity available on one cash account or payment card. It is available for all our customers, both individual and professional, of Banque Populaire institutions in France.

Available fonctionality :

  • Check if a transaction amount can be covered by a given customer's account.

You can use our API if your are a payment issuer instrument service provider(CBPII role referenced by the ACPR) and if you have an authorization delivered by a competent authority and a valid certificate ( QWAC and QSealC cerrtificates valids ).

Brand : Banque Populaire

Categories : DSP2, CBPII

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Use case: How to reduce non-payment risks ?

 This use case gives an API overview and describes how to use this API in order to reduce non-payment risks when our customer wishes to do a purchase with your private card en by checking his account solvency.

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Use case: Use and check funds availability

This use case describes the POST /funds-confirmations method used in order to check funds availability : it returns true or false value depending on account instant balance, account on wich the customer delayed debit card is linked.

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