Functional limits

The limitations of this PSD2 API are :

  • Apply only to active and eligible online accessible payment accounts in euro currency ;
  • Apply only to retail customers who suscribed online banking services. Payment accounts from corporate segments are not yet available using this API ;
  • Use AISP-mix model (PUT CONSENT is mandatory for sending customer consent to ASPSP) ;
  • Use only authentication with redirect mode (Strong Customer Authentication required and handled by the bank), which IS NOT an obstacle according to French national competent authority ;
  • Access to the list of trusted beneficiaries is NOT available (feature not implemented in online banking service) ;
  • Access to customer identity (first name and last name) is NOT available ;
  • Transaction history data depth is aligned on online banking services (62-day period max) ; 
  • "aisp extended_transaction_history" mode is NOT supported ;
  • Access to payment account is done only using IBAN as main parameter ;
  • Limited to 4 batch access per day for each API method (see PSD2 regulation).


From test to live data :

According to PDS2 regulation, the data set available thru this dev portal, Try-it mode and sandbox are based on fictive data (or non-real ones).These data are described in the use case "Test our API".

In order to access to live data, you will need to request for a GO Live thru the 89C3 API portal after testing your app using Try-it and Sandbox environments as described below : 

étapes test sandbox6 UK

Refer to Art. 30 (5). Account servicing payment service providers shall make available a testing facility, including support, for connection and functional testing to enable authorised payment initiation service providers, payment service providers issuing card-based payment instruments and account information service providers, or payment service providers that have applied for the relevant authorisation, to test their software and applications used for offering a payment service to users.


For live operations, the parameter "codetab" will allow you to setup the right customer database thru a dedicated « endpoint » for each bank using the following format: www.<codetab> 


Bank name

 Bank Short name


Banque BCP