Version History


This REST-based API is compliant with the STET specifications developed by the French market initiative ( in order to comply with PSD2 regulatory requirements. It takes into account functional limitations specific to this retail bank network (see use case 'Limitations").


As a reminder : 

In France, the ordinance n° 2017-1252 of August 9, 2017 implements the PSD2 directive into the regulatory section of the monetary and financial code. This ordinance has been supplemented by two decrees (n° 2017-1313 and n° 2017-1314), and five orders that were published on August 31, 2017.


You can also refer to the FAQ section and the virtual assistant about STET specifications.


Important changes made since the first version of this documentation was published :


Effective date

Description of the evolution


May 17, 2019

Portal documentation : addition of clarification about the mandatory or optional nature of parameters and fields of requests.


July 26, 2019

Portal documentation : insert Fallback use case 


September 18, 2019

Portal documentation 

  • description of new sandbox features (UX)
  • details on Eligibility (OID, eIDAS certificates, Go Live)
  • various editorial minor changes
  • erratum on Body --> Params in sandbox examples