This API can evolve. Please note that Article 30 (4) of the RTS specifies that API changes can occur out of the regulatory notice period. We apply this in case of :

  • urgent functional issue to solve impacting all PSU of at least one major customers segment
  • security issue
  • evolutions requested by the national competent authority

Please do find below our forecast roadmap.

Our API versions STET standard versions



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Deployment date

89C3 API Dev Portal & Sandbox


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Deployment date

89C3 Live API Gateway



Deprecation date

89C3 Live API Gateway


  • Send a single payment initiation request
  • Retrieve the status of a single payment initiation request
 march 14th, 2019 September 19th, 2019 June 1st 2023



Deprecation process

According to API product life cycle, an API version can be deprecated (means this API is not any more accessible on gateways and sandbox). An overlap period between two major API releases is provided as described below :

                         API support

The communication on the deprecation of a version N will be done at the release date of version N+1 through this portal / "roadmap" section.