The "Payment initiation" API resources can only be used by Payment Service Providers (PSP) having a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) role. 

In order to provide a service to users of payment informations services under PSD2 directive, you must be a licenced PSP such as credit institution, electronic money institution, and payment institution. This status is delivered by the national competent authority of the country where the request is made ; in France it is the "Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR), under the supervision of the Banque de France regulatory body :


Obtaining and maintaining such agreement require rigorous procedures in order to give strong guarantees to the account informations services users. The forms are provided on the ACPR website : https://acpr.banque-france.fr/en/authorisation/banking-industry-procedures/all-forms 


Once the agrement is granted, the Organisation Identifier (OID) given by the national authority has the following format :


"PSD" as 3 character legal person identity type reference;

2 character ISO 3166 country code representing the NCA country;

hyphen-minus "-" (0x2D (ASCII), U+002D (UTF-8)); and

2-8 character NCA identifier (A-Z uppercase only, no separator)

hyphen-minus "-" (0x2D (ASCII), U+002D (UTF-8)); andPSP identifier (authorization number as specified by NCA). 

This OID is very important for :

  • identify yourself as a TPP in the STET API requests using the parameter "client_ID";
  • to be included into the eIDAS certificates to be delivered to the bank (see below).


You also need eIDAS (electronic IDentification And trust Services) compliant certificates delivered by a Qualified Certification Service Provider (QTSP, see list available on https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/tl-browser/#/).

In order to be able to consume PSD2 API published on our 89C3 Portal, you have to forward us using .pem format

  • QWAC and et QSEALC test certificates for the sandbox ;
  • QWAC and et QSEALC live certificates during the GO Live process on our 89C3 Portal.

Please embed only public keys. Controls on other data will be based on European Banking Association TPP register (https://euclid.eba.europa.eu/register/pir/disclaimer).

You can also consult the FAQ or our virtual assistant for any further question.