Version History


Version of the STET standard used for the API

This API is compliant with the STET standard (, version, in order to meet PSD2's regulatory requirements. It takes into account the functional limitations specific to the Banques Populaires (see use case '"imitations")..


As a reminder :

In France, the ordinance n° 2017-1252 of August 9, 2017 implements the PSD2 directive into the regulatory section of the monetary and financial code. This ordinance has been supplemented by two decrees (n° 2017-1313 and n° 2017-1314 on August 31, 2017), and five orders that were published on August 31, 2017

You can consult the virtual assistant about the STET standard.


Description of user support + duration of support

In accordance with article 30 (5) of the RTS, assistance for third party PSP providers is made available. This user support is accessible via the form on this portal 89C3 API, or via Answers are made during working hours.

Users can also consult the virtual assistant by clicking on the pictogram Assistant virtuelon the portal home page.

In order to query an API, the API version includes the version number in the called URI, for example :  /stet/psd2/v1/payment-requests.

« Roadmap » use case gives the correspondence table between the version of the API and the version of the specification used, ie for example the API v1 corresponds to the version V1.4.0.47 of the STET specifications.

The principle of the duration of support is shown below by taking into account article 30 (4) of the RTS:

Support portail VE

API versioning:

Our API version STET standard version
v1 v1.4.0.47

You can consult the virtual assistant about the STET standard.


Important changes made since the first version delivered :

Method(s) Effective date Description of the evolution
May 17, 2019

Portal documentation :

  • addition of clarification about the mandatory or optional nature of parameters and fields of requests.
All August 6, 2019

Portal documentation : 

  • description of the target sandbox assembly at the end of August 2019;
    • additions of details (limitations, samples, date of availability, etc.) for all use cases.
Roadmap Septembre 18, 2019

Portail documentation : 

  • Roadmap modified for sandbox and live.
Eligibility October 1, 2019

Portal documentation :

  • Precisions added on "eligibility" use case about QWAC and QSEALC certificats needed to give access to goLive.
Send a single payment request initiation November 19, 2019

Portal documentation :

  • Following precision added : "only for Banques Populaires, requestedExecutionDate data can't be a week-end or target 2 day for SCT CORE payments"
How to use fallback mode ? Novembre 21, 2019

Portal documentation

  • Example added
Retrieve the status of a payment request initiation December 9, 2019

Portal documentation

  • Table added to show the possible values ​​for the status of the payment initiation and the associated payment transaction
Test data December 23, 2019

Portal documentation

  • Following clarification added in the use case "THESE PSU ID & TEST DATA CANNOT BE USED IN PRODUCTION LIVE ENVIRONMENT"
  • Modification of persona's remote banking identifiers => these new identifiers are active since January 8, 2020 (the old identifiers are deactivated)
Send a single payment request initiation December 24, 2019 Activation of the taking into account of the IBAN transmitted in the debtorAccount => IBAN field of the PSU: when it is filled in, the only account selectable for the PSU is the one which corresponds to this IBAN.
Version history / roadmap December 30, 2019

Portal documentation :

  • Addition of details on the management of API versioning and decommissioning.
All December 21, 2020

Portal documentation :

  • add a new access point url / "limitations" section
  • return debtor IBAN 
  • add "one SCA" PISP transaction / "How to test the API" section
  • add "Cancel a payment request initiation" / use case
Version history / roadmap February 25, 2020 Features versionning updated


November 04, 2021 add "for recurring PIS operations, not available in this implementaition of STET V1.4.0"